Reynoldstown organizations

Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League (RCIL)

The Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League is a neighborhood organization dedicated to the betterment of Reynoldstown. The RCIL holds monthly community meetings at Lang Carson Community Center every 2nd Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30 PM. All friends and residents of Reynoldstown are encouraged to attend the Monday monthly community meeting as a way to inform, inspire, instill civic pride in, and socialize with your neighbors.

The RCIL organizes the annual Reynoldstown Wheelbarrow Festival, the Thanksgiving basket drive, and other community efforts. They also keep the neighborhood looking good by organizing quarterly cleanups, graffiti abatement projects, and the annual tire roundup. Other projects they oversee include helping seniors in the neighborhood and liaising with our local councilperson to make sure residents' concerns are heard.  

You can help by participating in any of these events or by securely donating today. Thank you!

The 2019 Board of Directors:

Chante LaGon, President
Jillian Japka, Vice President
Diana Suber, Secretary
Fredalyn Frasier, Treasurer

Annie Appleton
Christopher Leerssen
Clay Jamison
Heidi Choy
James Martin
Leslee Shepherd
Vincent Martyr

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